February 2016 – the cheapest cash loan


Are you looking for a cheap loan to finance your plans? If you need money but you don’t want to incur high debt costs, you need to spend at least a few minutes learning about the best commitments. Online services will save you time and, above all, easily choose the cheapest offer from up to a dozen or so offers available to anyone interested.

Although banks raise costs in the fee tables, you still have the chance to get attractive interest rates, especially if you decide on a promotional loan. Not every promotion is profitable, remember about this when watching ads and marketing materials of banks as well as parabanks.

Watch out for high additional fees

The low interest rates proposed by banks do not guarantee the lowest costs you incur. Before you decide on an extremely promising financial product, check if the debt terms do not provide for numerous fees around credit. The more you know about the offer, the smaller the chances that during repayment of the loan anything will be able to surprise you.

In order not to overpay for a loan for any purpose, you must be guided by its total cost. This will help you in this APRC, which includes, apart from traditional interest rate, other fees related to the loan.

Also note that the cash loan is not associated with other bank products that will require you to pay fixed fees throughout the contract period. It can be a personal bill with a monthly payment for keeping it, life insurance or insurance against situations preventing repayment of financial liability.

Pay less – cash loans recommended

Pay less - cash loans recommended

We especially recommend three offers that are distinguished by an exceptionally good interest rate as well as a low commission. Favorable terms of the contract will allow you not only to get money quickly, but also to easily repay the loan.

The most interesting promotions are two loans that do not involve interest. Both Good Finance Polbank and Eurobank offer lower-value debt. The advantage of these products is undoubtedly the lack of nominal interest rate and the low total cost of debt, which consists only of the preparation fee and commission.

An interest free loan


At Good Finance Polbank allows you to apply for USD 10,000.00 and the maximum repayment period is 30 months.

The loan, apart from the higher maximum value (USD 15,000.00), also provides twice the loan repayment time, up to 60 months.

However, if you need more cash, we can assure you that Loan and Credit Bank will offer you the most favorable terms. A 5.00% loan with a guarantee allows you to apply for up to USD 150,000.00. You can plan your loan repayment for 10 years. Loan and Credit Bank’s regular customers can apply for debt based on a bank statement.

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